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Markup UK began in 2018, when a group of like-minded practitioners agreed that there was an appetite for another markup conference held in Europe.

Every one of the founders has contributed to and benefited from the markup technology community in many ways over a long period.

As well as working in this space, we have all been enthusiastic attendees of similar events, and we continue to be involved in committees for both sister conferences and standardisation organisations.

We recognise the importance of these collaborations in promoting active participation. Markup UK is our opportunity to give something back.

Connecting Explorers to Experts and Experiences

Publisherspeak’s mission is to connect the explorers of the publishing industry with the wealth of experience from experts.

Our series will spotlight a key aspect of the Publishing journey and deliver great value to anyone involved with scientific, scholarly or trade publishing.

We are working with a panel of industry experts to share real life challenges, demystify misconceptions, learn from success stories and deliver compelling insights to create delightful experiences for your authors and readers.

Meet the XML Experts

Geert Bormans

Geert Bormans has long been an angle-bracket jack-of-all-trades. He loves the beauty of a well-architected solution or a pure and simplified process. Geert makes a living as an independent consultant providing XML or Linked Open Data solutions, mainly to the publishing industry.

Geert likes an interesting challenge, easily found when having two teenage daughters. However, he prefers the challenges to involve alpine ground, six strings, or markup.

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